Average 1st Day Open price for 20 cent IPOs (2017)


Average 1st Day Open Price metals & Mining IPOs (2017)


Average Current Gain for 2017 IPOs – 25% for 20 cent IPOs


Average high gain for 2017 IPOs – 68% for non-metal & mining IPOs

How it works

More IPO’s

IPO’s and capital raisings are sourced from multiple brokers. You are no longer limited to capital raisings coming through a single broker.

Real-time Allocations

Capital raisings and IPO’s are no longer exclusive to large and institutional investors. We negotiate the allocations with brokers and will ensure our members get a share.

More Control

You maintain control of your money. No money is collected unless an allocation is guaranteed. All money is held in trust until the capital raising is complete.

Quick Refunds

If an IPO or capital raising falls through you will be refunded within 24 hours of the event. You can wait for up to a month to have your funds returned through other platforms.

Access Placements

Placements are available to high net wealth sophisticated investors. This platform allows sophisticated investors that do not want to risk large parcels of money to get involved in placements up to 50% discounts on the listed share price.


In addition to Australian IPO’s, we are working on sourcing international allocations within various international markets.

Why should I sign up to the Platform?

  • Notification of new IPO’s and capital raising, even those that we do not have guaranteed allocations in;
  • The ability to electronically request and monitor your IPO or capital allocations;
  • The ability to know when an IPO or capital raising has been filled or if it is cancelled;
  • A great deal of analysis and commentary on the future, current and past IPO’s;
  • The ability to organise and coordinate placements if you classify as a sophisticated investor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This service is free to you.  The brokers managing the capital raising take a percentage of the capital from the company, this will always be disclosed in the IPO prospectus.  We charge the brokers to use this platform.

As soon as the allocation is fully subscribed and the money is held in trust, no more allocation requests will be accepted.  Any requested allocation’s will be released if the money has not been receipted into the trust account with three business days.  Over subscriptions are rare under this model and if they occur the money will be returned within 24 hours of the over-subscription being identified.

There are a number of reasons that a capital raising can be cancelled and in this case using other platforms can result in large delays before your money or cheque is returned.  The refund will be automatically processed as soon as you provide your EFT details.  This process will usually take 24 hours.

This site does not manage the capital raising.  Every capital raising will be managed by a licensed broker.   This site provides the platform for the broker to manage the capital raising and as part of using this platform must guarantee the site members a set allocation.